Monday, 3 December 2007


Have you ever tried thinking about something, then have the person next to you say aloud what you’ve just thought about?

Recently I found this person who does that. I think of something, he says it. And I’m all flabbergasted and go, “Hey! How did you know I was thinking about that?!”

This happened too many times, and every time I say that, it just seems to be more unbelievable for the other person, I can’t seem to believe it myself either.

It’s like, he’s receiving all my signals, it’s sooo spooky. Maybe I should learn Occlumency?

Maybe not. Maybe not. =D


Does anyone know how to stop car-sickness? My developed method thus far has been to lean forward and lower my head to my chest.

I never used to have car-sickness, but during these past couple of years I seem to have developed a serious case of it. I still remember I had to ask Derek [Michelle’s bf] to stop his car to let me puke by the roadside when he was bringing me to get my sprained ankle fixed at this far far away place [I forgot where].


These couple of days I have no idea why, but I’ve been feeling sleepy for no reason at all, regardless how early or how much I slept. Ever since I got back from KL, it’s been like that. Tsetse fly attacked, maybe? *YAWN*


It’s kind of depressing this holiday; my sis asked my why is it that I have to go back on 24th, why can’t I have stayed for Christmas. I have no choice. Mr Goh aka KP [Ketua Pengarah] of our camp insists that we have no more time, and we have to go back earlier to get out last minute works done. *Depression sets in…*

I, on the other hand, feel that I am going to miss this annual thing we have with my family. I can’t help but feel that most of them don’t care about Xmas at all, and that it’s no problem for them to spend this holiday with others who don’t give a damn about it too. But every year my family and I have a Xmas dinner, and because of this I’m gonna miss it. I curse the day I spend my Xmas eve unpacking my things in my lonely sad hostel room. Grrr… I mean, I am not a Christian, I don’t really “celebrate” it, so to say, but I love the family time. It’s so special! It’s like reunion dinner on CNY eve, you get it? *Sigh*

Plus I still have to settle the sponsorship thing, and also the banner designing. Whatever happened to the meaning of HOLIDAYS?


I don’t know whether I should be blogging about this since it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but I hear wedding bells soon [not mine]. I shall go into details when I do have the details.


Just for the heck of it, I would like to teach you all a new word today. This word is, SHART. It means fart and shit. Sometimes when you fart and there are some traces of shit, that’s shart. I know you’re thinking, “Why do I want to know this for?!” Haha… I just had to.


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