Sunday, 9 December 2007


It was a fine night when we chatted and this happened and it was in our personal message on msn.

ME : I'm trying to stay calm and cool...I'm pissed off.

FRIEND : Zzz Emo again.

ME : Emo ni de tou.

FRIEND : Can I call u Elmo next time? :/

(*imagine we can have a silent conversation just over personal message...gosh!!!)

After 2 days, he called me elmo and i decided to call him cookie monster.

Ain't we CHILDISH?


Chuii Khim said...

tat's u ..bro... cute and... errr..hahaha

sleepy said...

Tsk tsk tsk.. Glad u know! lol.
But it's always like tht de la... hehe =P

Edrea said...

Erhz....always like that??

*blur looks*

rojakrojak said...

childish never mind. but don't become childlike!

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