Monday, 3 December 2007

1st December

The day we’ve all been waiting for. The day when twosiaochabos meet again, the day when the alumni of Convent laochabos meet again. THE DAY.

The chabos present:
The other siachabo, Edrea
Chia Sin
Hwee Li
Sin Yee
Chuii Khim
And another junior Michelle brought along, Christine
[Sabrina the banana was supposed to come, but banana overslept]

I was super punctual la, because I couldn’t agak what the bus will arrive so I took an extra early bus and arrived at 1pm++ instead of the agreed time of 2pm. So I went merayau-rayau, damn sien, keep messaging everyone asking what time they are coming. And in the end everyone damn punctual lo, 2pm or 2pm plus were their reply. I was like -_-“

Second to arrive, Ming Eng. So conclusion is, SCBs are more punctual. Later came Sin Yee who misunderstood McD and Dockers. Hwee Li came, Chia Sin appeared out of nowhere, same did CK. Surprisingly CK this time round didn’t appear shorter. Hehe…

For lunch, we decided to go to Kim Gary, and I took a gamble with Korean food, since I fell in love with kimchi but not the other paraphernalia that came with it. I must say Kim Gary does not make the best Korean food. Wasted RM16. But we had such a fly time, the diners at the next table kept shooting dirty looks at us for making too much noise. But heck, I didn’t care. Being a people-watcher I’ve detected that Malaysians who dine with their family look way too serious, they put on a dead-pan face and eat their way through what seems to be a funeral dinner. There’s no fun in having a family dinner when everyone looks like 包青天, right?

After lunch, we went jalan-jalan, and halfway through, Ming Eng complained that she was hungry. Everyone was -_-“ She had a big bowl of Nissin noodles and she was hungry not one hour later. So went to McD’s and got ourselves some ice-cream and fries, and carried on with our jalan-jalan. Eventually it got late, everyone had to go, and when my sister came to pick me up, it was only Joyce and Hwee Li.


Sister came to fetch me, but it was actually her Mr BF and his car la. We went home to pick mum up, and went to a restaurant called Bamboo. The food there was a’ight, and it was kinda funny seeing them two so feely-touchy. Hehe…

Dinner ended up well, and the mo I reached home I hit the bed. I was too sleepy and it showed on my face during dinner. So I guess I looked murderous to sister’s Mr BF. Huhuhu… Mum and I were home already, but the lovebirds went out to paktor…


The next day [today] I got the news that sister’s Mr BF has proposed! So, it’s Mr Fiancé-to-be now!

The engagement is on January 10th, and the wedding on July 20th. Both in Singapore because Mr Fiancé-to-be is Singaporean.

***White doves flew by*** and pooped before they went.

To all who has pictures, please post them in your blog or email me at Thank you!!!


Chuii Khim said...

since when i'm shorter??

Chuii Khim said...

hey hey .. sice when i'm getting shorter??!!

Chuii Khim said...

hey hey.. since when i'm getting shorter??!!

rojakrojak said...

wei, don la get angry... last time la!!! remember? we met in cs and everyone noticed you were shorter [for some reason]?

relax la ah ma... hehehe

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