Saturday, 31 December 2011



Its been so so so so long since my last post. Before I start my post, a ZILLION TENKIUK to rojak for keeping this alive, never forgetting our story, and not forgetting to have a new cover for this awesome blog!

Oh well, 2012 is coming in 24 hours. I wouldn't want to recap what I did in this year. I've listed what I would want to do in 2012, because for no reason, I am so looking forward to the NEW YEAR!

1. For the past few years, I have the habit of having new stuff for new year. 2012 would be same. I will be having something NEW.
2. I wish to have a healthy body and don't get sick that often. ( I remembered having high fever for 4-6 times in 2011)
3. I would want to shed another 5-8 kg of my body. I want slim slim!
4. To change half of my wardrobe clothes cos the clothes bought last year seem to be bigger ( Did I just say shopping?)
5. To dress nicely everyday =D I don't seem to posses girl's ability to pose in front of the mirror for 24 hours.
6. To travel to the places which I have planned * fingers crossed*
7. Spend more quality time with my parents.
8. Smooth sailing relationship with seng-kor ^.^
9. Last but not least, to meet up at least monthly with my siaochaboS.

Ah, I think my resolution is not that hard. Achieveble but need hard work epecially 5.

Finally to end off, DFTBA! ( RJ, thanx for letting me copy)


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