Saturday, 26 November 2011

On my free day

Mode: Free, chilling in the living room. Rainy outside. Kinda wanna poop.


Some time ago, I started to use the developer’s timeline version (how to get it) of facebook and it’s pretty cool if you have the time and effort to edit the banner for your facebook profile.




My mediocre attempt on my profile looks alright and i lubs it…


Today, since I’m kinda free (actually I need to return my library books, get my ears checked out blablabla but I can’t be arsed) I messed around with the functions on the timeline and I discovered 2 things:


  1. You can feature a certain post by giving it the “big up”.
    A normal post looks like this


    A featured post looks like this

  2. You can totally cheat your timeline.
    Let’s say you forgot to post something earlier and need to post it now: there’s a way for you to set the date of the posting. It doesn’t allow future posting though. Which sux.
    And if you want to change the date of your post AFTER you’ve posted it, you can. Ain’t that awesome or wut. So totally using it to hide my movements to the people the prying eyes of the office pricks XD


Can’t wait for FB to release it all over and see everyone bitching and whining about it hehehehe


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