Sunday, 16 October 2011

Movie Reviews from a wallet [Part 1]

I've been keeping a bunch of movie tickets (when I end up holding the tickets, I get to keep em. Other ppl tend to just throw them away) in my wallet from the movies I've gone to. The reason I kept them was for record keeping purposes (cos I can't remember what movies I've watched).

And since I have a bunch of them now, I thought, "why not do a movie review for each of them?" However, some of the movies were from a very long time ago so it might just be dot dot dot that I come up with. And the reviews ain't gonna be like professional reviews, y'know?

And in no chronological order (coz I'm lazy like that), here goes...

Gulliver's Travels (4.5 / 5)
I remember Jack Black and Emily Blunt and that cute guy Jason (something. I remember him from Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Wait, lemme go a Google search.

[New tab Google search]

OK yes, his name is Jason Segel. Now back to the review. Nice movie, as usual, anything with Jack Black just pwns. Next movie.

Resident Evil 3D (0.5 / 5)
[Did you honestly think there was going to be more than that in the last review? Nope. It's just random crap about each movie. Coz, like I said, I'm lazy like that]

I have a lot of love for the past Resident Evil movies because there were a lot of awesome fight scenes and also the plot just moves along and blows your mind like BAM BAM BOOM BAM (cue Jackie Chan with hurt knuckles).

Naturally, I had a lot of expectations for this one, and with it being in 3D and all, I nearly shat my pants in sexcitement when I saw the trailer for it.

But I ended up regretting paying RM16 for what I already got for free. The only exciting parts in the actual movie were already in the trailer. There was nothing new, and there wasn't much plot. Just a stupid Val Kilmer lookalike who died very easily in the end. [I just spent 5mins googling Val Kilmer coz I forgot his name]. And there wasn't much action so whichever action was there were in slo-mo. SUX.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (5 / 5)
Hell Yeah another Jack Black movie!!!! Wasn't expecting a sequel but in true Hollywood style, they made one! And it's AWSUM!!!


It’s got the same level of funny as the original Panda movie and the ending made me cry. Actually if I remember correctly, the movie made me cry a few times throughout. Can’t wait for the third one, the cliffhanger damn near killed me >.<


Old Dogs (? / 5)

I can’t remember much from this movie, but I think it was about a bunch of old men trying to come to terms that they are now senior citizens????


Legion (2.5 / 5)

Again, don’t remember much from this movie, but I think it’s about some battle between angels and their allegiance towards God and them questioning God’s will, or sumfink liddat… I think there were also scenes where these guys fighting to protect a pregnant woman coz she was about to give birth to our saviour. Kinda a meh movie.


Tooth Fairy (2 / 5)

Talking about meh movies, this kinda sucked ass. I’ve always liked The Rock, but him taking the path of going waaaaayyyy too Disney with this one is something I cannot tahan. TUTU. Damn FREAKING TUTU. KAMON?!


2012 (4.5 / 5)

A good number of people thought this one to be a meh movie, but I liked it due to the fact that I really want the world to end really soon. The Earth has been crawling with too many creeps. We need some cleansing ritual here. And also, the scene where the Earth collapsed underneath the plane, that scene got me friggin’ scared. Srsly.


Seven down, ??? more to go. Peace off.


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