Monday, 7 February 2011

The annoying past catches up

I had this aunt (the youngest of all aunts) who is a camwhore.

My bro and sis suffered her camwhore ways when they were very little. The older cousins of mine (about my sis and bro's age) all went through the days of being models for her camera.

And due to some family disputes that I will not get into, I haven't seen her and some other aunts in many years.

And then this year. At my uncle's house. Even though we went there early to avoid all the other relatives that we do not want to see. MISS PEGGY APPEARED.

I panicked. I didn't even want to get any ang pau from her. Wanted to just get outta there. But she seemed friendly, so my family and I played along. And then the horror began unexpectedly. SHE TOOK OUT HER DIGITAL CAMERA. OH SHI-

For a person who took beratus-ratus pics with a film cam, what happens if you hand her a digital cam? A way of creating infinite pictures? PHOTO AVALANCHE.

Here's her FB profile, I think she only set it up for the pics. She most likely did not privatise her pics, so I guess anyone who's interested may view her gallery of photo diarrhoea.

Thank god she hasn't added me on FB. Even if she did I would not approve of the request >.<

Actually, her being a camwhore is not what I hate about her. It's her hypocrisy that pisses me off. When my paternal passed, the family has to kneel beside the coffin when it's being carried out from the funeral home. At that point of time I felt really upset and was torn up inside about how I could've been a better granchild to my grans. I was crying on the inside. Silent tears.

And this Miss Peggy, the drama queen nudged me with he elbow and told me to cry louder. She kept egging me on. To me, I was sad. That was enough grief for me. I didn't have to show HOW upset I was. I didn't have to put up a show. And that stuck with me for a long time and I hate her for that. She made me feel so ridiculous at that point in time.

And this CNY, when she came to my uncle's house, she tasted the food my uncle's wife prepared and one of them was a specialty of my gran's. And then she started drama again la. She started saying that she misses her mum. No, she did not just SAY it. She was ber-drama-ing. Imagine how a stage actor has to overdramatise his voice and actions so that audience at the back of the theatre, that's how she reacted to the food.



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