Sunday, 30 January 2011

how does it feel to...

be a girl who is always sponging off guys to get favours in return?

recently there's been a girl whom i noticed has been hanging around different guys. well yeah, a girl and a guy can have a completely healthy, normal, platonic friendship but that's not what i've been seeing with this girl and the guy she hangs out with.

but this girl's actions show that the "friendships" she is having with one guy after another are not pure friendships.

anyways, her relationship is not the concern here. the thing i'm wondering about is how she actually makes use of these "friendships" to get benefits in return. something say, like a ride homeevery night. doesn't matter if it's with different guys, as long as she gets a ride home.

let's just assume they are not sleeping together, but why would a girl whore her affection out like that just to get favours like this? it's ok to use one's charms to get a shortcut once in a while but making this a permanent way of living their lives? how does it feel to not have to use your own effort to get by life?


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