Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy new year peeps.

It's has not been a great 2010 I admit.I hope 2011 ahead will be full if challenges and surprises.

Before I ended my not-so-wonderful 2010, I received a surprise from a friend of >10 years. Let's say, Z. By the time I opened and saw Z's name I nearly forgot what really happened 3 years ago which changed everything.

After looking at it for 3 times, I'm sorry but I gotta confess that I wasn't touched nor angry or anything. It's like feelingless. So to Z, if you're reading this, I can only say, you gotta buck up. Maybe that one day you really dare face up to reality is the day you had grown up and that I'm happy for you.

And so 2010 ended and then came 2011.

Caught up with some of my friends for countdown and it was great. Looking towards to the next gathering in cny, hopefully;)

Quote of the day: You'll never feel the pain when the hurt is not on your own flesh.


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