Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I recently posted a status, stemming from a joke someone made about Singapore women, being daughters-in-law, and mothers-in-law.

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This feller is kinda like the most chillax dude I've known, but I just don't know why he went ape nuts over this joke that he doesn't get. I regard him as a friend, and it hurts to see him lashing out at me using these words.

Now, my turn to get nasty. I don't know why he can't get it through his fucking skull, maybe it got too clouded from all that drinking, but first of fucking all, he ain't a fucking singaporean, second of all, I ain't dating him so why the fuck he got so worked up for, I don't understand. 

ANYWAYS wouldn't denying me of this wish be making me hate other people's mum and eventually making me REALLY wish they're dead? Imagine if I got a monster-in-law, wouldn't I be hoping and praying that they roll into their grave soon? 

What an idiot!


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