Sunday, 26 September 2010

Deja Vu

suddenly it feels like form 6 all over again.

i'm sitting in a group of friends that i like, i kinda have fun with them.

but the problem is, i can't understand what they are saying.

i'm sitting there, seemingly one of them, but actually i'm not.

i can't understand what's being said, i can't understand any joke.

i end up felling left out but i smile, pretend and hide how lonely i am.

the kind of loneliness you feel by yourself and the loneliness you feel even in the company of people are supposed to be your friends, the latter feels even worse.


sleepy said...

Let's meet up!!!! You won't feel lost with me would you? ;)

Insanity vs Reality said...

babe... i suppose everyone feels the same, in one way or another. even if we try, we will never be treated as one.

I remember one of our classmate whom we treated her very nicely, but always turned around and accused us of not understanding her. Rather, she seek companionship from other 'friends' from other places/schools who don't give a shit about her.

I guess that is more painful...

Sometimes, enough is enough la. You don't need the world as your friend.

My phone number is 014-669**** ends with my same 4-digit, u know how to find me...... May not be in JB, but at least, I could reply your sms-es if things as such happened again. you can cow-father-cow-mother to me anytime, if I am awake and if my phone's with me lah!

Nobody deserves to be an island. It's about getting the right company :)

rojakrojak said...

oi, moo michelle isit? lol

rojakrojak said...

ya i know who u're referring to.. lantak ah... dia ni oversensitive, and u're rite la.. ppl who want to help her, she tak layan.

this kind of ppl, suak ah...

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