Thursday, 26 August 2010


Been ill continuously, it was gastric then flu then sore throat then cough.

Took quite a few MCs but honestly I don't quite card because if I'm sick I'm not gonna pretend I can make it through another shitty working day and stay in office and suffer. If I'm sick Imma just take the rest I need and recharge, not as if that helps a lot tho.

Been seeing some tabloid-worthy stuff in the office, AGAIN, and of course, evolving the usual suspects. Burn in hell for all I care, I'm not the one they are hurting. But the alliance they forged can be to the disadvantage of anyone that crosses their path.

Lil Miss Sunshine,  her 拼头 and the "mummy" of the 拼头 are serious slackers. Fuck them.


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