Saturday, 28 August 2010


I sense another closeted one.

When will he be stepping out?

To me, he could be a very good friend, with no other possibilities other than being a friend to me, and I don't mind being close friends with this guy. Because my gaydar always works, and I am pretty sure he doesn't swing the straight way.

However, people might not view this friendship as what it is. People might think it's more than friendship blablabla.

But I think the circle of people already sense that there is a skeleton in the closet, and we will keep it as an unspoken agreement.


Hope I have found a niche that I can fit in. It's been hard trying to fit in with the majority that converse in moonspeak. I really hope I'll be able to build a longterm friendship with these Chinese colleagues of mine. They are not the gossipy type, they are not backstabbers, they are just steady pompipi.

Fingers crossed!


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