Friday, 28 May 2010

A letter to you

Dear C.M.,

It's not been long since we had a nice cup of coffee over matters of our own.

It has hit on me to realise I shouldn't be taking on all the blame, all the unbearable stuff.

I come to know on how much we had changed over those time where you used to be sweet and understanding and so caring. Did anything happen that you overtime became such impatient and not understanding person? Now tell me, why?

I remember that those days we used to do things that you liked or I liked. Nowadays, we did things that we don't like, torturing ourselves.

You used to lend me a shoulder, a listening ear. These days, you got tired of it and you treated it as a burden or a non existence to my feelings.

I thought learning to grow up together was a wonderful thing. Accepting people's shortcoming was always the way.

But tell me why, I feel so hurt, felt so miserable for most of the times.

Is this the end? Is the end coming soon?

I hope for your change but I don't harbour those dreams anymore.

Darling, it's time for us to bade goodbye.

Yours Sincerely,
E. Katie


sleepy said...

Oooh.. Who's E. Katie and C.M.? Is this from a book? =)

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