Saturday, 29 May 2010

the grip

one day, girl meets boy.

boy says he likes girl.

boy dates girl.

boy brings girl on travels.

boy brings girl to see family.

boy's family seems to like girl a lot.

and girl's family seems fine with it.

then one fine day boy's family pressures for a marriage.

girl doesn't want to, but under pressure, got married anyways.

now boy's family treats girl badly.

boy used to defend her, but boy bullies the girl now.

this brings a burning question.

why did the boy and his family pursue the marriage before finding out what kind of a person the girl is?

and if they did not know how she would behave, how can they blame her for being who she is? how can they make her miserable?

isn't it a waste of time, to pursue and chase after something, and after you already have it, you start treating it like trash?

if you do not cherish it anymore, why not let it go? why let it suffer? why drag it on? show some compassion and relief it's pain.


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