Friday, 7 May 2010

The bitching post.

recently, i had the ill fortune to come to know a few idiots. all from the same batch, all equally stupid. they're not just the normal kind of stupid, they're the type that makes you wonder how can there be people as MORONIC as them in this world, and how they can be all sitting in a bunch in such a close proximity that they all surround you.

sometimes it's not so bad with one idiot. but when a whole lot of them sits together, their idiocy grows exponentially, and you die a little everyday drowned by idiocy.

they have been nicknamed the Mosquitoes (homage to the original Flies family).

the most annoying of them all is of course Moz #1, but let's nickname her Quizzy. i don't know if she's plain lazy, or she's just a plain sloth (oops, did i just indicate she's a bum?) but she seems to loooove asking people questions. QUESTIONS TO WHICH THE ANSWERS ARE READILY TO BE FOUND A THE TOUCH OF HER FINGERTIP.

we have a "knowledge" system, and it's basically the bible for our work. any product you need info on? refer to database. any procedure you're unsure of? refer to the database. any promo that you've never heard of? refer to database. finding the location of the nearest ATM in Geylang so that dude on the line can withdraw and pay his hooker? refer to database.

when newbies start asking questions, i usually tell them what i know. then i'd add that if there's anything they want info on, refer to database. Miss Quizzy OBVIOUSLY has been asking a lot of questions, thus the nickname Quizzy. and i've told her at least twice if there's anything she doesn't understand, she should first refer to the database. and if she still can't find what she was looking for, then she could ask on HOW to get that info. and i would gladly help. because that way, she'd have at least TRIED.

but NOOOOOONONONONONONONO. Miss Quizzy not only has big bones (you should see her size) but she's got some incredibly lazy bones. she NEVER checks before she asks, and even if she's asked the same thing before, she'd ask it again.

and if you've been nice enough to waste your time answering her, she'd waste even more of your time by asking you if you're sure. if you're really sure. if you're really sure that you'd drop your pants to prove you're sure.

i mean... if you're not confident with the answer that other people give you, then why ask that person in that first place? and if you doubt that person, it means you already have an answer in mind, why be so annoying and ask other people?

Moz #2. Miss Jenny-from-the-block-of-wood-for-brain. my issue with her is mostly personal, i won't go into it. what makes me feel annoyed at her is that she talks like a drone. the way she speaks into the phone, if you heard her from the next cubicle you'd have pictured her as a slobbering fool. you'd have imagined a block of wood with IQ 0.5 would have won in a game of chess with her. so anyways, she offended me once and i ain't goddess of mercy, imma hate her guts for as long as it takes.

Moz #3. yesterday it was so clear cut who was the more annoying one, but after today, i think it's a pretty tight competition. but i'd save today's drama for finale, thus moz #3 was a good-for-nothing bum that got me and another friend of mine in 2 different cases of long and complicated shits.

he made a HUGE mistake even before he became an official contract staff. because of him, i had to follow up on a bloody long case where i had to retrieve info that dated back from 2008 all the way till yr 2010. i had to waste time and effort to sit down and do the long calculations. i had to chase people's ass for that case, because my ass kena fireblast from other departments. and yesterday, he did a bloody big mistake causing some issues, and when he was told the customer wanted to speak to him, he refused. my friend had to clean his shit and wipe his ass for 45minutes on a single call. piece of shit, he is.

and now, the finale. up until today, she never showed her potential that she can such a fine specimen of pure, unadulterated idiocy and stupidity. friend #2 of mine was on fire today because of some idiot on the other end of the line. she was practically cursing, which was understandable. and when someone is on fire like that, you shut the hell up, do your job, and leave her the fuck alone and ask her to chill afterwards. but NOOOOOOOOONONONONONO. Miss Village Idiot had to interfere WHILE friend #2 was on fire AND on the line.

the person on the other end of the line couldn't have heard all the cursing from all the frustration, because there's something called the MUTE BUTTON. just because Miss V.I. wanted to listen to the conversation, she walked over to friend #2 and pressed some button and suddenly, while friend #2 was ranting, suddenly the phone wasn't on mute anymore. and the ending piece of "sanskrit" screamed out was heard by the customer. (luckily she didn't curse in english).

i actually saw the whole thing happen. i swear i had the impulse to stand up and slap that mush-brained kampung ass. and i would have done so it was me that she messed with and if she weren't pregnant. from what my friend told me, Miss V.I. threw a sarcastic remark telling my friend that "you should know better than to shout at the person when they're shouting at you". (this was in tamil).

you fucking mess with other people 1. when they're working, 2. when they're on fire, 3. when it's none of your business and you could have potentially caused a complaint to be made to that person AND THEN you spew sarcasm out of your shit-hole without even filtering your thoughts through your mudbrain???? oh wow, you're just gonna be the most lovable person in the whole universe!

i never really like to bring work matters to my personal life but THESE 4 PEOPLE are just too sick and stupid for me to pass a mention.


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