Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Which one?

When I was in primary to high school, teacher complained about me being too talkative.

Teacher : Your daughter very talkative in class lah.
Dad : Dr Mahathir is talkative. Isn't that good?
Teacher : *nothing to say*

When I was in uni, friends say I talked too little.

Friend : You talk very little when we meet but talk quite a lot in msn.
Me : Oh, you realise that?
Friend : Ya.
Me : okay.
Friend : So, why ah?
Me : Nothing to talk so talk little lor.
Friend : Erhz, okay.

Then, after I graduated, I am still being complained about talking too little about myself.

Friend : *excited* Oh, there's so many happenings in my workplace. There's this uncle, bla bla bla....
Me : *laughs*
Friend : (continues to spread the excitement)
Me : *laughs*

A couple of minutes later when the excitement reduces.

Friend : I seldom hear you talking about your work.
Me : There's nothing to talk about. Nothing much happened.
Friend : Okay.


Me : Oh, today I heard some rumours about my office people. I heard that he is a bla bla.
Friend : I tell you is damn funny in my office the auntie ah, bla bla bla....
Me : *quiet and listen while laughing*

Now you know why?


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