Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Counting down, 2 days.

He says : She always emo, especially on friday.
She says : From day one you knew her, she was like that. No meh?
He says : *speechless*


Okay, now sleepy say I should try.

Let me see what is the progress I have made so far.

Check 1 :

Since Sunday I have been wearing pants.

Check 2 :

For the past few days I need to decide what to wear for work. I open my cupboard and I stand there for 5 minutes. I touch some clothes and close the cupboard. The next day, ta-da! Pants and long sleeve shirts without any make up and off I go to work.

Check 3 :

I come home from work and bathe. I open my cupboard door. In 30 seconds, I closed it and opened the small cupboard next to it. I pulled out something familiar and wore it. Off i went for my (ahem) date with t-shirt and shorts. *coughs coughs*

Check 4 :

Over the weekends I have been shopping. I bought accessories to match up with my attire. Then, I found them lying in my drawer. Ocassionally, I open up and try on it and say, hey I've got good taste! After that it goes back to the drawer.

Not bad eh, I do keep track of my progress.

Well, I think my dad is right, natural is beauty loh.

(I think, comparing to climb mount everest is just no big deal. It's much harder than earning yourself a trip to the moon)



Been watching movies for 2 straight nights. And I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got to watch The Ugly Truth.

It's awesome. Total laughter for the 1 hour plus movie.

Just a piece of advice, if you're thinking of spending that bucks on a movie called Funny People, hoho, the directors and cast producers will be laughing down their toes. Go for the movie if you're one hard soul who have never heard enough of the word F***.

Or maybe, try watching if you can't get to sleep and had insomnia for a week or so. Results guranteed!

Till then babes!


sleepy said...

Ok la.. at least u took the effort to go through your cupboard for 5 minutes and bought some accessories. That's a start. hehe. =)

But next time, instead of just saying how matching the accessories are..n how good ur taste is, wear it out for real! haha. =D

Edrea said...

Yes madame!

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