Monday, 12 October 2009


i've joined a few conversations where we complained about THEM.

i understand what you're saying, i understand your frustrations, but how do i tell you that whenever you have a throwback because you missed a step in the procedure, it's your fucking job to correct your mistakes, so stop expecting other people to pick up your shit after you.

you wouldn't like it if my dog pooped on your front yard and i asked you to pick up the poop and clean my dog's ass, right?


on another note, i do agree that it's been quite cut throat. the promised things never happened, and that people are obviously 踩在我们头上大便。but hor, don't you think some people have it worse than us? so just swallow the damn bitter pill and live with it, rather than complaining about everything everyday.


i really am getting annoyed at miss know-it-all. srsly. people have complained about this beyotch and i totally agree but i just WISH i could give her a good dressing-down. but she would say "it's not my fault" anyways. oh well.


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