Sunday, 11 October 2009

I don't like Sundays

The weekends always past by very fast. Met up joycie on Friday. Had dinner and celebrated her b'day with her family. Such a nice Friday. =)


He says : EH, you didn't go out wth your friends ah?
I say : No leh. A bit lazy.
He says : ORH.


She told me that night. You could see my jaw drop and I couldn't really believe. But however, I do understand.

It serves me as a gentle reminder, about its dangerousness that everything could happen. Don't be ever too sure when things doesn't involve yourself only. Don't put that assumptions on yourself as well as others.

It was really a big knock on my head, I would say. Because, at the same time I am reaping the happyness from it, I wouldn't know what lies next.

So, be independent, do what you deem fit, and live your life to the fullest.

P/s : Hey gurl, I am happy you told me. Don't worry, be happy!


sleepy said...

I miss you already~ =(

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