Wednesday, 12 August 2009


There’s a threshold to people’s patience. Depending on how likeable you are.

There was someone very likeable. Then there was a mistake this person made. But the pekchek and tulanness generated in me by this person’s first mistake wasn’t enough to offset the likeability of this person.

imageSo, the likeability of this person is still there, no reason to hate this person yet. And then, just when I thought lesson has been learnt, the second mistake came along.

image So the tulanness has overridden the likeability of this person, and now the bottom line is…

You’re a jerk who covets other people’s possessions and I hope you burn in hell for that.

End of presentation.


I had a dream last night. Probably caused by watching the news about the Sarawakian woman who chopped up her Singaporean husband and stored him in her fridge. Malaysia Boleh.


sleepy said...

Hahaha.. Love your charts! =) This kind of person, u shd totally forget about him in ur life.

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