Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Speaking my mind

2.35am, day of convo. Just had a pack of milo and a can of soda. Playing Luxor when this came into my mind again. Tied up my hair before writing a post, as always.

Wanna know why I’m overreacting over it? Because I’ve vexed my mind over it for a very long time, just to find myself on the same spot again. I would have been sincerely happy and contented if it was something that was up for grabs, if it wasn’t somebody else’s possession. BUT NOOOOOO…. You had to do this again. It’s puzzling why people do things that they know will bring them no good end. (Like me.)

If the content of that ONE private plurk is true, then really, if any of your “good internet friends” knew about it, I can imagine they wouldn’t stand on your side either, and maybe that’s why you were so hush hush about it. I really wish I could be the bad guy through and through and just blurt it all out here with names and all but hey, no point, nobody from that circle reads my blog anyway, and besides, my egoistical side wouldn’t let me be THAT low and dirty. So, going about this in the name-no-names way, that much I can do.

I wish I could tell you in your face, that I double dare you to act on your feelings and do it and also tell everyone in the process. Maybe then I could enjoy watching you learn a lesson. And even if you DO succeed, I hope karma comes back hard on ya.


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