Monday, 27 July 2009

Freaky beyond words

Today, I was in UKM.
Wanted to get my certs certified, but my ex-supervisor was in a meeting till way after office hours so I approached other lecturers instead.
I had a thick stack of photocopied certs coz I so damn kiasu, and the first lecturer said, he’d only sign half of it. So the second half I approached another lecturer la.
The second lecturer and I were chatting about jobs and all, and he mentioned that since I keep a blog, I could maybe venture into ICT.
Something wasn’t right. I don’t remember telling him I have a blog.
Heck, other than ONE person in SN that I told, I don’t think anyone else knows. Well, maybe 2 people know. But that was it.
So I asked him how did he know about my blog?
He said everyone knows.
I was like, WAT. THE. FUCK.
OHMEGADS THE CONTENTS OF MY POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meh, but I’m too lazy to search through and delete the inappropriate ones… Maybe next time will jaga a bit… Scary =_=
I just became an obvious racist. A VERY OBVIOUS ONE. Not that I was very discreet about it… I posted about Indons and Indians with BO and that they don’t shower much la…
So, this is what happened. I was in a crowded train. I had a seat. A Middle-Eastern couple walk in with a boy of around 5-6yrs, and I didn’t bother to stand up and give up my seat. And then an African dude behind be stood up and let them sit. Then hor, a bunch of angmoh ladies who look like supermodels came in the train with a boy of the same age, I immediately gave up my seat. I damn racist sia.
Or maybe it’s because I was following the action of the African guy.
And don’t judge me ok. We’re all racists whether you wanna admit or not. BLUEK!


tcy said...

I'm not the 1 who told him...

he just knew somehow T~T, 1 year ago

Grumps said...

so you gave up your seat to old/young angmoh?

but look like supermodel should be quite young right?

lol i only give up my seat to old ppl or pregnant ladies.i could care less whether they're white/brown/green/purple LOL

rojakrojak said...

the two groups of ppl each had a kid and both kids around the same age...

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