Sunday, 26 July 2009

The bitchiness starts... BUAHAHAHAHA

Every single time I read Xiaxue's blog or J's blog I have the sudden urge to bitch about something. And I just found a perfect thing to bitch about. Wannabe bloggers.

So, I used to be a wannabe blogger, blog-whoring this site to anyone who bothers at all. And now I know how much of a despo I was. These wannabes are a dime a dozen. Or maybe a dozen X1000000000. 

Here are some ways to detect a wannabe blogger.

Sure sign of a wannabe blogger.
1.  Outings to events organised by Nuffnang. ANY event.
2. A DSLR camera that they carry around ANYWHERE and use at those above-mentioned events. If you're in JB and you see people carrying DSLR cams, they're most probably Singaporeans. Hope they get robbed.
3. Out-of-focus konon "artistic" photos they take using #2. Example shot as shown below.
4. Blogging style often imitates those of Kenny Sia's. Sample post --> Click HERE
5. Using pictures to accentuate the words they're typing. JUST LIKE KENNY SIA. Sample post --> Click HERE
6. Only blog about their social life with ten other bloggers of the same kind. That's why if there's an event and one blogs about it, you'd most probably see the EXACT SAME POST on the site of the other 10 bloggers.
7. Blogger wannabes will always go to other people's tagboxes and request to exchange links.
8. Blogger wannabes will ask you to click on their ads.

I'm sure there are more ways to identify them wannabes la, and I admit that I was one of them wannabes and I DID once had DSLR on my wanted list but now hor, I feel like if I get a DSLR cam hor, I'll just look and be labelled as a chao ah lian blogger.

PS: I hate it when people use ~ at the end of their sentences. Just like this person. 
PPS: After showing some shitty blog examples, I wanna intro a couple of nice reading blogs. Here and here.


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