Saturday, 16 May 2009

Home and experimenting :)


For those who don’t know I’m back in JB, well, I’m back in JB!

Will be starting my pseudo-kerja soon on Monday, and has been relaxing and recuperating my mind since I got back last Sunday.

As I have recently completed my final year project which the lab procedure included use of solvent, I have a small (very small) knowledge of a few solvents now. And having read the instructions on my bottle of nail polish remover, I know that acetone can be used as an inhalant for “high”.

With the unstable rainy season here, it’s inevitable that bugs will fly into the house in the night. And I just had one helluva giant ant and one flying ant (I forgot what you call those). I wanted to relive the form 6 days of sending insects to heaven using chloroform but regrettably, I didn’t nick any chloroform from my lab for that purpose, so I figured the next best thing would be acetone. Which is the main ingredient used in nail polish removers. But I know acetone won’t kill them (hypothesis) but would give them some kind of “high”.

So, like the scientist I am, I got determined to test out my hypothesis. I searched around for a see-through container, and rolled some TP into a ball. I then wet them ball of TP with my polish remover (pungent sia) cupped the container over the insects and threw the TP in.

I was kinda disappointed when I didn’t get the routine reaction you would see from insects trapped with chloroform fume. The chloroform victims would squirm and flail around viciously, and vomit/poop before they twist around into an odd position and die.

With acetone victims they still go about as usual in the initial stages. Then you see them walking around with no sense of direction. THEN they fall over on their backs and their 6 legs would paddle in the air at a high frequency. In the end, they would just lie still. I assume they are now too HIGH to do anything. Hehehehe…

I know some of you are reading in disgust la, but this is what a scientist does when there is a question buggering us, isn’t it? We experiment!

My next hypothesis is that if I lift the container and let them have some fresh air, they would return to normal after some time, provided they haven’t died from overexposure to acetone :P


Being away from internet has somewhat returned me to a semi-normal state. The cold-turkey method has worked in ways that 1) it keeps me doing things I should be doing and not plurking/blogging/mousehunting all day; 2) it lets me get started on finishing the books I started but haven’t finished, around 7-8 of them (I ended up re-reading Deception Point by Dan Brown, will re-read Angels and Demons after this); and 3) it gives me a barrier between me and something that’s been sending me into a depression state.

There’s been a new addition to the house, a 12-cell shelf that’s taller than I am. When I came back I saw the encyclopaedia and dictionaries on display, and they have reserved a couple of cells for me (actually just one, but I moved over some stuff and now I have 2 cells!) and OF COURSE I put my novels on display!!! All 48 of them >.< It should called a very small collection compared to what I’ve seen in Shakina’s house la but these are my xin gan bao bei, and with each novel averaging at RM35, that’s a whole lotta cash sitting in that 2 cells.

I still lack 3 books for my Anne Rice collection, though. Interview With the Vampire, Queen of the Damned and Vampire Armand. You all know what to do for Xmas la, k. Kekekekeke….

And anyone has House season 5 and CSI: NY on DVD or in soft copy? Mau pinjam!


Chabo!!! If you’re back, I’m free on weekends. Jom kita meet on weekends, k? Miss ya!



Edrea said...

I heart the pics!


sleepy said...

OMG.. I rmb those insect-killing days! Especially the squirming > puke/poop > twist n die part. hahaha. Ahh... brings back good memories. hehe.

Did you video the acetone experiment? I would love to see the high speed leg movement. lol. Do record the next experiment k? =D

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