Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Recently got talking with a friend (girl) who recently got into a relationship. With a girl.

Whilst some of you may be "Eww same sex" some of you may be "Hey, happy for them", I have some mixed feelings about it.

For my friend I'm happy for her, and I don't act weird about it (except for appearing like an idiot asking about some OBVIOUS curious questions) but when it comes to the general idea of same sex relationship, I have my reservations.

I really want to embrace this part of the global culture but somewhat involuntarily I find myself feeling "weird" when I see same sex couples on sites like PerezHilton.com.

I have oftentimes thought to myself that I might swing that way in the future too, seeing how I like to check out girls (yes, I do) and I do envision myself slapping that butt or squeezing those hot boobies (you can eww at me now but wut the heck I can't be fucked).

I guess I find it easier to accept gays when they're both the manly type, rather than one being effeminated and one the manly type. And as lesbians go, they're almost always butch and femme. No such thing as femme and femme. Or maybe there are femme and femme but hey, it's very hard to tell, coz for me, I'm straight, my gal pals are straight, but we always hold hands and hug and put hands on each other's shoulders, so how u gonna tell really-good-friends and femme-femme-love apart?

OK that was a big digression. My main purpose of writing this post is to share this post by the gf of the girl I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Here is the link and I found it to be a good read. I can't empathise on what she wrote coz I don't know how she feels, but I think it's a good insight.


Enjoy the post.


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