Sunday, 19 April 2009

English Language Nazi

I'm so anal, right.  About the use of words. Not that I don't make such mistakes but when the mistake is so friggin obvious?? Geez.

One issue I have right now is with the use of the word "ANNIVERSARY".

Obviously anyone who's studied English would know that "anni" pertains to the meaning of YEAR.

Annual report, anno domini (for AD), perennial plants so on and so forth.

So why the hell do people use it when they actually mean mensiversary???

Exhibit A

And I quote 
"On Friday was our 3rd month anniversary..."

3 months and you call it ANNIVERSARY. That's a bit presumptuous, isn't it? What about those people who've been married for YEARS, I would think it's kind of an insult to them.

Exhibit B

Another one. 5 months. Read MONTHS, not YEARS.

I wish these people would get their words right lar!!!!

Contohilah aku, before using the word "presumptuous" I actually looked it up on before using it here.
Lesson learnt today is: Use MENSIVERSARY when you want to say you've spent a certain number of MONTHS with someone. Only use ANNIVERSARY when it has exceeded a year. Deng!


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