Monday, 10 November 2008

Whatever this Fatwa thing is, it's getting on my nerves.

There are thousands of Malaysian, regardless of their religion, who smoke.

Smoking, as we all know, is harmful for out body. For an organisation/body/society/whatever-it's-called that bans things in the name of Islam, they sure let the smokers go easy.

And what do they do? They try to say yoga is haram. What's so haram about yoga? It makes you flexible like a pretzel, it gives you a peace of mind, and also it's good for the body.

So why these fatwa jokers wanna ban it? On what grounds? Just because it originated from India and that they hate the guts of Hindraf people? Because they think yoga can make muslims not wanna be muslims?

WHAT? On what grounds do they think they have the right to remove other people's rights to practise a sport? At this point, whatever reason they churn out is just gonna be a joke to me. Or the majority of Malaysians. And deffo a joke to the world. It's only them and their extremist brains that think yoga can be a bad thing. They're just like Mormons, trying to take away other people's rights.

I don't see them making ciggies haram? I don't see them making soccer haram [although this will piss off a lot of people]? I don't see them fighting for worthy causes? I don't see them doing anything other than coming up with ridiculous reasons to make EVERYTHING haram. One day you'll see, they'll say KFC is haram too. Babi sial.


sleepy said...

Yoga HARAM????!!!!!!!!! WTF?! Brainless idiots would only say that! Please don't let the world know about this... as if Malaysia is not ridiculous enough. DAMN...

Norven said...

Hmm.. I think it's because some Yoga practitioners encourage learners to chant hindu prayers or something while doing Yoga, probably that sparked off some debate about it. But Muslims can simply do without the chantings part I guess. If other Muslims in other countries (especially in Middle East, they encourage young children to take Yoga classes!) can do Yoga, I don't see why Malaysia Muslims can't. :D

Perhaps the law shld do some research first before banning anything blindly. Let's hope they are just saying. :)

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