Sunday, 9 November 2008

Malacca... Good times and then some.

Michelle called me out of the blue just when I wanted to make my Neslo and chill. Said wanted to go Malacca with her bf. Didn't wanna go at first, coz I hate feeling like a third wheel. Then found out Chia Sin coming too, so I said yes.

When we got Malacca, we had those chicken rice balls. Seriously, until now [after I have tasted them] I still don't understand what's the hype about. Just normal chicken rice, with the rice rolled up in balls what. See, the thing is, the rice was cold, and since it was so compact, the rice couldn't get any of the chili I soaked the rice in. But the chicken was good la, so give and take, it's not that bad.

Then we went jalan-jalan at Stadhuys, A Famosa, when Chia Sin and I hit jackpot: we saw the VOIR Gallery. So we cabut to there and had a good cuci mata session with the shoes and clothes... Chia Sin even got a RM8 skirt!

We shopped till dinner time, then it was ACTION TIME! Michelle and beau; and CS and I, we went to Jonker Walk separately. I ate some vadai, then jalan until the end and heard some auntie and uncle singing very badly, and sat down and enjoyed fried oyster. I wanted to clobber the auntie who sold this to us, in the RM4 plate of fried oyster, there were only 2 normal sized oysters and 1 teenie weenie oyster. Damn auntie cheated our money.

After that, we went to eat some laksa, it was not the most delicious laksa, but it was the one with the most SEEHAM. It all made up for the lack of oyster from the previous stall. Feeling a little satiated, we went on to eat some carrot cake: cai tau kueh, Seeking a place to sit down while we share our CC, CS ordered peanut dessert and me a Coke and enjoyed our makan.

We caught with Mich afterwards and guess what we did after Jonker's? Satay Celup.

It's definitely a novelty to me, but after tasting it, I prefer water to satay peanut sauce... Or maybe was it the full stomach that made me feel yucky? LoL...

Got back in UKM after midnight, took a bath, went online to find something I needed and fainted on my bed.

Overall, the most fantastic thing about this trip was taking in the Jonker's atmosphere at night and also the makan. Of course, also the cuci mata session in VOIR Gallery. XD I love window shopping!!!!!!!!!


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