Saturday, 11 October 2008

It's going to be...

Things I will try to achieve:

1) Be nicer to other human beings.
2) Be nicer to cats in my block.
3) Be nicer to mr bf and be less dependent on him.
4) Get some swimming going even without my goggles.
5) Sleep at the right time of the day.
6) Take better care of my skin.
7) Read more books.
8) Not scoff so much at the general idea of RELIGION.
9) Pick up a new hobby/knowledge/skill [right now I'm thinking guitar or dancing. Is there dancing class out there for fatties?]
10) Be more forgiving. [But I never forget.]


Was waiting for the longest time for BritBrit's new video, Womanizer, and I finally got to watch it. The song is not that flattering for her voice, but the vid is bangin'! I  love the cute gf look, the OL look wasn't so great tho. Love her shoes in the limo scene!

Catch it here!

P/S: She looks a lot like Ashlee Simpson with the red hair.


Edrea said...

SCb, you can de!!!!!!


J said...

The steam room scenes remind me of her I'm a slave 4 u video, and the one of her making bfast, that reminds me of her stronger vid..hehe but yarr very nice overall!! I love but that song, i can only hear 'womanizer', not much lyrics laa

sleepy said...

i can't see the video.... it's no longer there?

sleepy said...

Oh and then i searched on youtube...
Well, the office scene was like a Cameron Diaz look in charlie's angels i think.. look kinda aunty tho with tht specs.. not sexy la.. but the steamy video.. yeah.. the usual show don't wanna show thing.. haha.. overall.. i think it's a truly britney mv.

ps: i love those killer heels too! ;)

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