Sunday, 17 August 2008

Walking on a thin balance beam.

Sway a little this way, kena shoot. Sway a little that way, other people boh song.

That is the life of paktoh-ing girl/boy.

Unless you have a super ability of balancing all friends, family and the better half of you, I think we all find ourselves in a predicament of finding time for all of them.

There are only 48hours to a weekend (60hours, if you count half of Friday). And how do you divide that for your friends, your darling, and your assigment?

Of course, to me, assigment is top choice if the due date is within 3 days. After that would be?

For me, whoever asks first would have the first advantage la.

But if there IS another invitation that came later, you're bound to have an unsatisfied customer.

I don't know if I've snubbed friends for boy. In fact, I think I might have snubbed boy more than I did my friends.

And it's recently that I found out how it feels to be that "unsatisfied customer" when a close friend started dating.

9 times out of 10 these are the typical answers you get when you ask her out to dinner:
  1. Sorry assignment due date tomorrow (This one almost everyone would use. Even the non-paktoh ones.)
  2. Sorry, I already tapau.
  3. Sorry, I already ate at -insert location- (and according to location I can predict who she's been eating with)
  4. Sorry, I am eating bread today, sore throat.
  5. Sorry, I am just going to nap, it's been a long day.
  6. Sorry, I am not in UKM.
I am getting more sien because nowadays the reply to me has been a lot of #2 and #4.

In fact, it's been a lost cause to ask ANYONE out to dinner.

Maybe I should start to fan xing. I should learn a few lessons here:
  • Stop asking them out to dinner, and wait for them to ask instead. Save me some frustration.
  • I should balance everything well lest I become the object of "kena shoot". 
  • If I can't get them out, I can take care of myself and eat by myself. Who cares about them? The most important thing is to take care of NUMBER ONE, and that's me (something taken from .45)


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