Saturday, 30 August 2008


Ok, so I was just reading through MTHarapan [son of Malaysia Today when the govt shut down MT] and found this article, "7 reasons BN lost big in Permatang Pauh and more", and there's this line that made me laugh like orang utan gila.
Other than making contradictory statements, he shows no grace in defeat at all, The canditate himself Arif Shah was no picture of grace either -saying,“They were probably attracted to the opposition’s propaganda. But for me, it’s business as usual.” (Somebody please tell him that Penang is under pakatan rule which actually makes BN the opposition)
OMG, this is so true. These kaki Bedol got so used to being the boss, they forget that they're no longer boss, but the parasites of Malaysia!


Earlier today went to see Lalitha, she had a swollen knee and ulceration in her mouth, and was suspected to have an autoimmune disease. She had 2 biopsies since she was admitted in HKL, one was on Tuesday and one today, after I left. Let's pray she's alright, and that the results from tests iare good news.


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