Monday, 18 August 2008

Pissed me off on MSN and you didn't even chat.

Ok, there's one type of person who pisses me off.

And there's this one person from "this type" that I know. (so far)

He is one of my coursemates, and he bloody pisses me off, because whenever he comes online, he comes and say hi, and we chat 2 lines, then he'd say he has to go.

You bloody started this conversation, you bloody stick with it. Don't get me ready to chat then bloody say "hey igtgbyebye." That is UNETHICAL for an MSN chatter, ok?

You don't see me go to people, say hi, throw two lines at them, don't even wait for their second reply and then bail on them, do you?

I only bloody do that if I have something to say and am in a hurry and/or that person is offline!

Chat if you wanna chat. Don't just say hi. If you wanna just say hi, then this is the format to follow: "Hi, bye."

Don't fekkin start a fake chat then run.

Chat only if you have the bloody time.

PS: I am PMS-ing and everything I hate about everything just comes out.


T said...

You are so lucky that that person didn't read your blog..

ok now, -1 in total of 18 in SN who consider will going through your blog , :)

rojakrojak said...

Dear boy/girl,

Like I said a long time ago on my blog, this is MY blog, MY say, so I very well complain about who or what I want to complain about and I don't have to answer nothing to no one, not even to ISA, got it?

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