Monday, 18 August 2008

Do you see a pattern?

When I am the most emo, that's when I blog the most.
Today kena tarik by senpai to go listen to a talk on networking [the human type, not the info type].

I find myself listening and having fun, because I don't have the challenges that the others are facing.

I just sat there and listened, and all of a sudden my brain would automatically take a word the talker uttered and come up with a song title with that word. Weird. But it's one of the ways I had surprise and yet private, quiet fun my brain was providing me.

And then on the way back we chatted about some things, and I got bloody emo la. Already got PMS then buntut gatal want to talk emo issues. Blardy sial me. But considered it as a sharing session.


Sigh, it's another day liao. My printer's colour cartridge got problem again. Sien ah! And I've been drinking waaaaaaaay too much water lately but the urine ain't coming as frequently as the water comes in. Is there something wrong?!?!!?! Hope it's not diabetes...

Shleepie. Nait Nait.


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