Wednesday, 13 August 2008

It's hurts!!! Shite!

I have badass pimple on my nose, and it hurts!!! And the most unfathomable thing is that the pain extends to the head!!! Inside my brains! Now I have a headache because of a bloody pimple, DIU!

Both my jeans have tears at the crotches, shite!!! It hurts when the cloth keeps rubbing against the thigh!!! 


sleepy said...

Gosh.. Lots of irritating things happening at the same time.. pity u.. Well, at least u now have an excuse to go shopping! It's the mega sale!!! :P

rojakrojak said...

megasale or no megasale, i am flat broke. :) no need to think of shopping liao. i need to curb my purchasing habits.

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