Tuesday, 12 August 2008

It's the 11th.

It's the 11th, and it's a Monday.

Today is the day I handed up the soft copy of my abstract [one small thesis hurdle overcome].

Today is the day I met up with FSSK seniors, Emilyn my roommate, and senpai Marcusai.

Today is the day a happy girl shops for a cake for boyfriend's birthday.

Detoured to The Mines thinking I'd find a confectionery. Such a popular haunt of youngsters and not even a confectionery. The place is bloody big and I keep getting lost. I can't get to where I want to go, and I kept coming back to the same spot. And me being a hopeless lost, I had a hard time getting anywhere. But then a great idea came to mind. Giant. There's a bakery, so I might be able to find something there.

But... I got lost again. :P But then I found Giant and bought the cake la.

Then went to find boyboy.

This is what happened la...
The cake after it's cut...
The hair, with some grey in it.
All in all, had a great day hanging out by the pool, chatting and celebrating boy's birthday.

Happy 27th!!!!!!!!


J said...

what is in the bag?? what ddi u get him? whatla take pic of the bag but not what's inside ehhe

and ur uni/his uni has a pool?! or is that at his apt or sth? so funnn hehe

btw roosters and tigers really go well together hahahaha they're each other's lucky star!!!

rojakrojak said...

it's a massage oil, lavender scent. i wrap nice nice oredi then realise oh shit i havent take any pix of it. hehehehe

that's the place he used to rent a room at. ^-^

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