Thursday, 28 August 2008

Going Musicals Crazy Part I: Hairspray

I have listened to all of the songs on Hairspray but it is only some time ago that I managed to watched the 2007 movie version of Hairspray.

The choice of the actors are all great except one. Amanda Bynes. She's cute and all that, but she can't sing. And thank god she doesn't have any album out, unlike every other tween idol in the market right now.

Nikki Blonsky is very cute, and my favourite part of the movie is not Zac Efron but John Travolta dressed up in a fat suit and also listening to Michelle Pfeiffer and James Marsden sing.

The story is quite cohesive, and has no abrupt jump to any song. The intervals between songs is just nice too. But most probably due to time constraints, 2 songs were moved to credits.

Favourite songs are "Good Morning, Baltimore", "Without Love", "(It's) Hairspray", "You Can't Stop The Beat", and "Miss Baltimore Crabs".

The story is basically about the time when America is still trying to accept blacks, which is referred to as "integration" [the opposite is "segregation".] Likewise, the fat people who were sidelined all these while are coming out and creating a new and open America, starting with Baltimore. The "unconventional" [as opposed to the "white, blond, beautiful"] is slowing becoming the conform of society. Along with great music and dance, you'll enjoy this movie!


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