Friday, 22 August 2008

Flags up, flags upside down = Hoohas all over.

OK, some people very happy to fly the flag upside down, some people insists that it's disrespectful to the flag and insist on flying it upright.

I say, I won't fly it at all [not that I have a flag to fly anyway].

I think the govt are made up of a bunch of semi-smart village idiots. That is how they charm the village idiots in Malaysia to vote for them, coz it takes one to know one. Why do I say they're semi-smart? Because they manage to become a minister or even a Prime Minister, instead of Penghulu Kampung.

I won't fly the flag at all because if I fly it, it's because I love these things about Malaysia [thus saying I like Malaysia] and not because I like the govt but the govt will think the people are flying the flag because we love them or something coz they're so egotistical and narcissistic and self-centered so I won't give them the satisfaction of thinking I like them or something *barf*:
  • The multiracial society. Ya, this is a cliche but I really do love the multi-cultural society.
  • The food!
  • The weather
  • Coz I wouldn't survive anywhere else

Believe you me, I like this country. But what I can't stand about this country are:
  • The low civic awareness of the people. We can be a great country and boast that we are in harmony [which we are not in some ways] but we can still have people writing "Fuckmother", "Linda suke bogel 012-*******" or drawing a dick that looks like it's been afflicted with the worst illnesses in the world on the back of the seat of a bus or toilet doors. And these people don't flush and they litter even though the rubbish bin is only 2 steps away from them. How malu if tourists see these things? I myself oso malu.
  • UMNO keeps trying to segregate us by through the eduation system and constantly playing the race card when debating political issues.
  •  The inability of having an open mind about other cultures even though we ourselves are multicultural.
  • The govt is not allowing the people the ability to think for ourselves, and discuss issues intellectually. They are trying to foster intellectual inbreeding, which is the same as inbreeding, that in the end would only produce all sorts of deformities after a few generations. They are breeding us to be like them, to be village idiots.
  • They are not allowing the freedom of speech. They are suppressing the people's voice, they control the media. And in this case, you should watch V for Vendetta for the similarities. [I thank Marcus Tan for this, coz I wouldn't have made the link if he hadn't put up the pic of the movie in his blog]

Of course there are many more things I like and dislike about this country than what I have listed above. 

If given a choice, I would love to work/travel to places and stay overseas 3 months at a time in order to take in their cultures and open up my mind, but ultimately I would love to stay in Malaysia, provided in the years to come, Malaysia has evolved into a conducive environment for my children to grow up in. Otherwise I'm gonna have babies overseas, by hook or by crook. I don't want the to become village idiots under the village idiot rule, you know.

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