Saturday, 12 July 2008


I was taking a nap when I had a dream about my paternal grandmother.

I dreamt that she broke her leg [coincidence?] and that I have come down from 11th floor to 4th floor to visit her. She had laptops and everything in her house. And a handphone too. [Maybe some relatives burnt some laptops and phone. I dono.]

The first thing I said to her when she opened the door is that “I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a long time.” [I think this it’s because I haven’t dreamt about her in a long time. And she speaks fluent Mandarin now!] So she and I walked into her room [I still remember how it looked like] and we chatted. I asked her how she broke her leg and all and she gave me all the details [I forgot the conversation content, but she seems to be doing quite well in the other world]

My uncle who was her youngest son is a man who is a terrible son to his mother. And at this point of the dream he started making noise outside in the living room and my grandma [as usual] went outside to see what’s happening. He taunted one of laptops and said it’s a stupid laptop that surely is not functional. I went out to see, and the laptop DOES look weird. On the outside, imagine a laptop with a screen that’s foldable [ya, laptops are folded in half. This one has its screen folded into another half] and also the left half of where the keyboard is supposed to be is gone so the whole set of keys are squeezed into the right half of it.

I then spoke out to my uncle. I said, “This screen is the newest tehnology [I lied] and the half is missing because it is the BATTERY. If you’re plugged in then why can’t it work without battery?!” He had a stupid look on his face. BWAHAHAHAHA. And my grandma looked pleased.

We moved back to the room and started talking again. After we were done, I had to go and we parted. I then sent a message to her phone. I said sorry for not being a good granddaughter to her but I would take care of her more from now on.

And I got woken up by a ringing phone. I don’t know if that was good thing, waking up before the dream was over. Good thing because I can still remember the dream vividly as dreams are usually a blur after waking up naturally. Bad thing because I don’t know if she replied or not.

When I woke up, I have this feeling that she is going to go through reincarnation. I immediately called my mum and messaged my cousin about it. and I cried telling them about my dream. And I realised it’s too late to make up to her what I always owed her. My love and care.

I have told some people that I have always dreamt of my grandma at least once a year, but in the recent couple of years I haven’t dreamt about her. And I dreamt of Rohini once, and she told me she was fine, and my description of the surrounding of where she was made her mum tell me it might have been where the Hindu holy man [Saibaba] is. From all these dreams I concluded that I am quite prone to “tuo meng” from the deceased. But never once I asked for 4D numbers. I wonder why. [Kidding!]

Some people might tell me that I have dreamt about them because I missed them too much. Skewz me, yes, I miss them but before I dreamt about them, my thoughts were nowhere near them. So?

And I realised I need to need to need to need to be a better daughter to my mum, a better sister to my Sis and Bro. I need to be a better person to everyone.

Better me!

And to everyone I know reading this, if I haven't been a good friend to you, I am sorry and I will work harder!

I love you all!!!!


sleepy said...

Wow.. tht's some special thing u have.. wish i had it so i can talk to my dearly departed loved ones in future. I'm sure your grandma is not holding anything against you. You're such a good girl.. =D

SJ said...

u look so much like ur grandma especially in your 2nd pic!
yea i dream of deceased people too and sometimes i get freaked out when i wake up in the middle of the night....hehe...
i dreamt of rohini once too!

rojakrojak said...

NOWAY! jun you dreamt of rohini too!
what did she say to you?

SJ said...

hehehe i cant rmb, it was a loong time ago, cos we used to hang out quite often during pandu/ranjers puteri..but yeah i dreamt of her! eheheh
coool huh!hehehe
ok so now go work harder and be my good friend and blog bout me ahahaha! lolx kiddinggggg

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