Sunday, 1 June 2008

Talk Crapz.

Night of 30th May.
I had a weird dream again. I dreamt that a bunch of ex-Convent girls were sitting on the floor of Larkin bus station. I am not very sure exactly who was there, but I am sure there was Shalini and Valene among the ones on the floor.

Then we saw a girl who looks a lot like Janet pass by and we tried to wave at her but of course, not knowing us she buat duh. Then the real Janet walked by and we grabbed her. She chatted with Shalini but she kinda ignored me when I waved at her. She was wearing some kind of businesswoman suit.

Then a girl who looks a lot like Norven passes by, again we on the floor tried to get her attention but she just walked on by. Then the real Norven shows up. She has her curly dyed hair [macam sekarang] but she was wearing our form 6 uniform, without the tie but a weird badge of NTU. Then the ones on the floor so excited la, trying to tell Nor how we saw a girl who looked like her passing by, just like Janet.

Ming Eng, maybe you’re right la, maybe I miss sec school too damn much. I kee siao liao.


Nowadays in my house, damn lot of mosquitoes and lizards. Why are these useless creepy crawlies plaguing us? Why won’t they just LEAVE US ALONE?!! You damn creepy crawlies ringleader better call off your konco konco or you’ll be sorry!!! I swear one day I will irradiate you damn mozzies so that you only suck longkang/cesspool water and you damn lizards until you cannot grow tail only you know hor!!! And I’ll release these mutants into your population after making them too damn attractive and sexy so that the natural species one will only mate with the mutated ones and make every single organism in them animal kingdom mutated with their mutant offspring!!!!! *insert uber evil laughter*

The problem with these creatures is that they don’t bring any benefit to us la. Lizards are abound but the mozzies don’t seem to be affected at all. Grrr.. but seriously, if mozzie bites are not so itchy I wouldn’t mind being bitten oso. But hor, the bites are so damn itchy I always wake up in the middle of my beauty sleep to scratch like a lice-ridden anjing kurap. Sibeh annoying sial! And then they have the guts to come challenge me by buzzing beside my ears! Wasai you say tulan not! Aku sabar je, tau!

In the event of such a blood sucking plague, I dedicate this poem to them mozzies:

You suck my blood,
You think it’s fun?
I scratch and scratch
No fun in that

My sleep you haunt
My nights you taunt
Skin scratched till torn
I am so worn

No rest until
I get you good
Coz your tummy is filled
With my plasma, your food

My hands fly all over
To find your location
And when this is over
I dream of celebration

People please don’t shudder
If you hear some noise
That’s just a slapper
Delivered with poise

Solution found within a brand
To give me peace, I call it friend
Purchase came inside a box
Gratitude I feel towards Shieldtox

And to the lizards, I present you this:

Cold blooded with geli skin
You gross version of your kin
Crocs are made so fierce and tough
When god made you he must’ve had a laugh

Your sticky tongue flies from your cheek
To catch unfortunate creeps
But somehow you seem to fail
Mozzie catching to no avail

You stick to walls
Deposit bombs
And who cleans it?
Of course yours truly

Tsk tsk you go
As if chiding us
But little do you know
Your doom is near

The sound you make
Leads us to you
Futile to escape
Coz, HAHA, we found you!

Geared up to kill
The hunter aimed
With sting of steel
Your leg we maimed

Now we’ll see how you run
When you realise it’s not PUNKD
No point shedding your tail
No point with the silent wail

We’ve gotcha now
We’ll kill you now
Don’t twist or struggle
The pain will just double

Disposal of your body
Is done without dignity
Into a plastic you are shoved
Then we watched you sail out the window

Dono why but just suddenly wanted to do some amateur poetry. I hope it tells a story, and a coherent story at that. Let me know how you feel about the poems la. Hehehe… The two poems [hopefully] portray the actual situation in my house dealing with these two species.

A bit tired now, have to go sleep oredi.



SJ said...

wow,so many dreams and yet i didnt even make a special appearance in any of them.


Norven said...

wahahaha this is definitely some weird dream you had! the poems are v funny and creative too!! :D

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