Sunday, 1 June 2008

Boh liao

Was listening to my songs on pc then I suddenly came across this song by Natalie Imbruglia titled Satellite. It’s a nice song, but I suddenly thought of cellulite, which might have been caused by the mention of cellulite on Tyra’s show, which I watched earlier. So, I changed up the lyrics, and here’s it is:

Do you lie awake in the morning
Trying to find the courage to wear it
Coz honey all that I’ve been doing
Is thinking about my thighs

But none of this is necessary
If I’m skinny, if I’m that thin
Coz my thigh has horrible dimples

Coz these are my cellulite
That I try to keep out of sight
But with all this fat I still think I am hot, yes I am hot
So I’m asking you baby are you going down tonight

Something in the chicken rice feels right
It’s the smooth oily fat skin
That I’m finding it hard to throw aside

So bring out the McDonald’s, upsized
I know what you’re thinking
“This broad hasn’t ate for a while”


Le si pui toot toot eh te ah [你是肥嘟嘟的猪啊]

[*“It” could be swimsuit or short skirt, anything that would expose the cellulite]
[For those who are a bit innocent la, the last line in the chorus has a different meaning. The ori song said “are you coming down tonight” but I changed it to “are you going down tonight” because to “go down” on someone means to have oral s** la. Paiseh. The song like that liao how can I resist changing it? Hehe…]

Don’t think I’ve done a very good job la, coz some place still macam cannot rhyme or doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe next time you all got any better suggestion, or if you have a song that you yourself have changed, just send to me or you can send your link after you’ve posted your song on your site and I’ll post it here.


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