Saturday, 24 May 2008

A horror movie dream

I had a dream, and it was like a horror movie.

It was a dream/movie about a disease/virus spreading in a city. I don’t what was the damage, or how serious it is, but it had to be eliminated. So, there was a team of people in soldier uniforms who went into the evacuated city [they had guns] and what they had to do, I don’t know. But since they carry guns I guess the disease/virus doesn’t infect people after sometime? But of course it does, otherwise why would they want to eliminate whatever’s in there?

But whatever la, dreams don’t make sense, usually. So, moving on. They reached a jungle, and they seem to have killed whatever they came in for. And they were crowding around beside a big tree [still in the jungle] and two guys started going super happy and one of them shot his rifle up at the tree, and L’s dead body [yes, from Death Note] fell down from the tree [he was already dead, by the way. And I guess he’s one of the things they wanted to kill to prevent spread of the disease/virus] and Near’s soul [yes, from Death Note too] came and drag L’s body away.

Everyone was watching but ignored and let them go, since they are dead anyway. And when these two were gone, they escaped from the infected place. But somehow in the next scene – which is a little fast forwarded – the woman among the eliminators ignored the evacuation order and stayed behind to do some work [in her own house’s garden, presumably.] Then a fire which spreads damn quickly surrounds her from everywhere, and she knew they asked everyone to evacuate because they wanted to cleanse the city by burning it down. She can’t escape, so she died in the fire.

The next scene then zoomed out of the garden and to the whole city. In my dream I saw the fire spread from the right to the left rapidly. Big tall buildings were inside… The city had a border set up all around it, and when the fire reached the left end of the city, it just disappeared. And the city was cleansed.

Then I appeared. I walked by the kaki lima just beside the left border of the city, and I reached out my had towards the city and I had power to destroy any virus/bacteria/microorgasm microorganism. Afterwards I kept on walking till I reached an outdoor café. Sat down at a table taken by another lady, and Alec Baldwin showed up. He had to sit on a stool at the foot of that lady coz I took the only other chair and I said, “I sat here on purpose,” and winked. So it must be that I reserved that place for him to be closer to that lady for them to paktor.

Then I woke up lo.

I don’t know if it’s true, but I have a theory that virus can only be destroyed by extreme heat, i.e. burning. So most probably what infected the city was a virus, and most probably it was something like those in Resident Evil and also 28 Days After. You know, zombie virus. And the scene before I appeared in the dream, the aerial view of the city scene? I think I was flying and watching from up there. So, the people have super powers?

Joyce didn't quite understand one part of the dream, so for the benefit of others who don't understand too, here's the explanation.

Joyce: haha.. the blochbuster was cekap la.. i can't really imagine why suddenly got cafe near the dead city?
RJ: it's like, for example, jb town gets it. but sentosa is still not bothered by the burning by one bit. can get what i mean ah?
Joyce: and there's no border/boundary between the two?
RJ: got la. one small thin wall surrounds the burning city lo

And like I told Joycie, I wonder if I would be able to make short films out of my dreams? Hurm... Marcus, you can do short films, right? And Michelle, you know all those scriptwriting stuff, right? You all help me la. I just be your muse. Producer, director, playwright, casting sumua orang lain buat la. Hahaha...


sleepy said...

Hahaha.. Thanks roe jin for the explanations. Ooh.. about the short film, don't u wanna be the lead actress too?? hehe.. =D

rojakrojak said...

joyce, often you hardly find people acting as themselves in a life story, right? if it's a movie about president clinton for example, it usually is someone like john travolta who acts as him ma. somemore director or producer gets a big font in credits you know?

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