Friday, 11 April 2008

Peak period

of stress is building up immensely not in NTU itself but also all unis? Hahaha... Good luck babes... See u guys back in JB.

I didn't had any fun adventure like scb. The most thrilling adventure that I ever had this sem was...hmmm.... lemme think....

A whole week of hectic.
Wednesday - Presentation
Thursday - Interview
Friday - Test

wahahaha....i Think that's the most "interesting" adventure i ever had .... >.<

Scb, I think our blog is hitting 1st anniversary le! Woohhooo!

I suddenly miss jb friends so much. I wanna meet up u guys!!

Till then. =)


rojakrojak said...

april 21st to be exact... huhuhuhu!!!

Edrea said...



And we're gonna hit 300 posts very soon!

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