Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Gosh. Idiots.

Recently Hotlink decided to get stupid and come up with this promo of 1500sms for RM1. Then every stupid kiasu ah soh or ah pek started to subscribe to it. Only to find out with utter disbelieve at their stupidity that if they don't finish in god knows how many days they'll be charged RM3. Then everyone went forwarded message crazy.

It's been annoying digging my sabun phone out of my tight jeans just to find it's a stupid meaningless forwarded message. When will these people stop being stupid? It's a waste of time, waste of battery life, waste of energy, and an UTTER ANNOYANCE. Stupidity never fails to piss me off. It's one thing being silly or foolish but stupid?! I'm soooo ok with fools and silly people but stupid, idiotic, moronic ones really hit my nerves.

They are sooooooooooooooooooooo punishing me for their own stupidity. Can't they just let them deduct the RM3?! It's them being dumb, not me!

I can't believe I dedicated one whole post to dumbasses.


sleepy said...

So that's why my fren's phone got spammed with forwarded messages! HAHAHAHA... Poor things. I pity u really.

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