Sunday, 20 April 2008

The late nights...............................

These past few days been studying right after dinner time, and we've been studying in lecture halls in the Social Science fac. Nobody's there in the night, that's why it makes a perfect place to study. Halls are big, so we each take a spot we like, and hit the books.

Sometimes when we get bored we take a break and start chatting. The best thing is that there is a coffee vending machine outside. SWEET.

After studying until 3or4am, I'd come back to my room, and online reading Perez, Pink, and Bastardly. Maybe download a few episodes of anime if the speed allows, and let it run while I sleep until the next afternoon.

I'm lucky that the schedule for this sem's exam is mostly in the afternoon for me, means I can mug during my Mugging Golden Time: The middle of the night.

I find myself more alert and more productive in the middle of the night. Most probably because it's cool [temperature], it's quiet, and there's no one fighting for the toilet! My golden time...


Some bitchiness added me on Facebook. I don't think I ever gave her the impression that I am in any way friendly to her, or willing to be in the same social circle as her, cos seriously she never made my life easy in school back then. But thank god she was less of a nuisance in secondary school because she went to another class.

Please don't say I'm childish for holding a grudge from when I was aged 12. Things like that you just don't forget. And to those people out there, if I never knew you that well in school [or anywhere for that matter] please don't come and add me on Facebook. My FB account is reserved for FRIENDS only.


Yesterday when going thru Perez, he was critical of Ashlee Simpson's "live" singing, as usual [and I agree] and I downloaded the mp3 of the song mentioned. It's called "Little Miss Obsessive", and it's not bad a song, would've been better if it was anyone else singing it...


Update: Just a thought. If an ugly person [damn fugly one] went thru plastice surgery and became one of the hottest entities on the planet, the dead giveaway of the previous fugliness would be the kids right? I mean the the kids would inherit the fugly genes right? Coz changed face don't mean no changed DNA...

Ming Eng, this is #299. You want to do the honour of #300 tomorrow?


I'll add on to #300 if I have anything to say... Buleh?



SJ said...

i think i might knw who you're referring to..
no man, grudges are meant for life yo! what nonsense age is not a factor ok hehehe just like liking someone DOESNT MATTER IF THEY'RE 57 AND WITH 2 KIDS YOUNGER THAN YOU ARE *cough*mark harmon*cough*
sorry abit off topic

rojakrojak said...

mark harmon, eh?

M as mentioned in the other space?

huhuhu.. or not.

you know who i refer to meh?


calvin said...

me is your friend or not now?
i am! rite?



lols, damn perasan this fella
*points to himself*

sleepy said...

If i got added by the same person, i think i also know who you're referring too. Hehe... Some girl i think is a common enemy of someone else we know. haha.... Confusing.

SJ said...

I KNEW IT!!!!zomg telepathy lolx ok more like good memry
typing with 1 hand yo left hand covered in cake HAHAHAHAHA

rojakrojak said...

roe jin to calvin:

yes yes you is my friend...

at least you and i got communication, not like the bitchiness, she and i never talked since when we still wet our beds, and now she wants to add me.


rojakrojak said...

joycie: me no unlestang wat say u...

common enemy but not your common enemy, isit?

rojakrojak said...

jun: u and i tau tau who i am talking about la, hor? she got add you or not?

i think she is the only i have this decade grudge for, so i think it was kinda obvious, right?

but seriously, the question is, has she changed at all? if she has changed for the better then maybe i can consider letting go of the grudge.

but is she is stil as bitchy, slutty, annoying, rude as... wait. i don't think i will reconsider at all, changed LS or not.

screw that biatch!

Edrea said...

Eh, who is that??

Me dunno!!

rojakrojak said...

her initial is LS. that's her nama ang moh and her surname.

Edrea said...

ahhhh.... i know who le!!! =D

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