Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Hoho! 14 april came and went.... This year the celebration for my day was very very much little...cos i have exams on the next day itself! So here's the picsss.....

My yummylicious cake!

Trying to act cute! Hehe...

Me with my small little cake!

This year, i seem to be more emotional. Every sms, or phone call that i took, there's always a tear at the corner of my eye. Probably I thought everyone would have been busy mugging for their finals. Hahaz. I'm touched and glad.

Special thanx to SCB!! You rawks! SCb was the first!! WOOHOOO!!! SCB FOREVA!!!

Then came hweeli's phone call. I choked when i spoke the 1st word. Hurhur. luckily I managed to hold it back.

Thanx to sms'es and messages from nornor, sinyee, ally, joycie, hooilay, lifen, chuiikhim, Joshua, rosanne, chailyn, chewyen,ruiwen,kitky, sujun, sharon!

Also thanx to my singaporee friends especially cheryl who gave me a wonderful email and *hugss*, love that babe! haha, not forgetting liling, von, lance, wilsern, cinhuang, huipin, xueting, eric, estella, huishan, shuxian, weeming, cindy, vanessa, siewyin!

Thanx von, liling, lance, shuxian, weeming, cheryl and cindy for the lovely prezzie, love it!

WOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!! Once again,


*hugss & kisses* from Ming Eng


rojakrojak said...

omg really i'm the first?!?!


no fancy gifts for you la, but good thing i was the first...



Edrea said...

hahaha..yep yep!! Thanx a lot gurl!!

calvin said...

then let me be the lucky second
(here at least)

happy birthday and all the best in the rest of your papers :)

p/s: i know i'm super the late to wish you =P

Edrea said...

Hahaha...thanx calvin!

Edrea said...

Hahaha...thanx calvin!

幸福 said...

hm..im happy too tat..my msg bring one smile for u..
haha...friends kambateh o..

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