Tuesday, 22 April 2008

#301 Another BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big birthday shoutout to my big brother, Poh Kai Kai!!![also known as Poh Ah Kai, Kaigo, and an assortment of names]

Born in year 1975, it makes him 33 years old today. And brother, please do not say that is my waist line, unless you mean CENTIMETRES.

A "cheery" thought for the both of us, in ten years he'll be 44 and me 33!


UPDATE: Ok, my bad. Mathematics is not my forte. I meant in ELEVEN years' time. 11.


市井行人 said...

who is this guy

市井行人 said...

happy birthday 2 him

rojakrojak said...

oi, mai geh geh hor!!!

市井行人 said...

o i c
u go go

calvin said...

woi, 33 plus 10 equals 44 meh?
your maths ada betul onot? o.O

anyways, happy birthday to siao brader too ^^

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