Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I have a friend.

I have a friend who is smart, intelligent, and makes logical decisions. One I used to detest, but came to be a great friend. Non-judging, always a listening ear.

I [used to] have a friend, who was the apple in everyone's eye but turned out to be a pineapple.

I have a friend who defends herself too much.

I have a friend who's the sweetest thing in the world. And is sleepy, but not sleepy enough in the night.

I have a friend whom I've come to talk to only through the net, coz I wasn't sure if she'd like me in real life.

I have a friend, she is quizzical. She loves asking you questions, and doesn't care if the questions are too personal. She always has a theory for everything. And loves to explain her theory to you as though you're a five-year-old. She always has to get approval from everyone, even when the end-result does not involve them in any way. She has a naive outlook on human relationships.

I have a classmate, he is a 100% nerd. But a nice nerd. But too much of a nerd.

I have another classmate, who dresses like a 40 yo man with bad taste in clothes. And he doesn't iron his shirts. Mr-Know-It-All, chauvinistic.

I have another classmate who doesn't cut his hair, tries too hard to do the American accent but fails, but is a nice person in general.

I have another classmate, who is a super soldier.

I have a friend, she is kind, and friendly. Everyone likes her.

I have a friend, she does what she needs to.

I have a friend who thinks anyone in love is happy.

I have... friends.


SJ said...

AM I AM I AM I?!!!?

rojakrojak said...

you are la!!!
paragraph 5!


SJ said...

ZOMG HAHA i thought that might be me..altho i was quite afraid i might be the apple turned pineapple :(

HAHAHAHAHA yar cos u so sombong nvr talked to me in sch hee

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