Tuesday, 12 February 2008


On 4th of Feb, I lost a bit of hearing, and felt some pain inside my right ear. I just thought it was me getting a flu or fever, but then the next day the pain got intense, and I was worried that I might have gotten an ear infection. So I went to see a doctor, and this young doctor took a look inside my ear. Then he told me something that got me scared out of my pants. He told there is something growing inside. And when I asked what, he said, "you know mould on bread?"


My reaction was *EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW!!!* A jaw-dropping EW.


He then gave me some kind of ear drops and also antibiotic. And it all set me back RM50. And told me afterwards if I don't feel any better in a couple of days, I should go to a specialist.


So I took the meds and used the drops. The next day came and I felt like shit. The throbbing pain was so intense and frequent that I was clutching my ear all the time. Not to mention the pain spread to the back of my head. From that point on, I was thinking of the worst case scenario [typical of me], which was the infection spreading to the brain, and me getting meningitis and needing operation. And then I thought of how I would be forced to extend one semester [at least] and was worrying about how I was gonna afford the medical fees for the surgery. In Chinese we call that 钻牛角尖. I tend to think a lot, and my brain seems to be overdrive when it doesn't need to be. And when I need those activities going on when I'm studying, my brain seems to go on standby mode every time without fail. Sigh.


So anyways, the pain got worse and worse, and by the end of reunion dinner, the pain got so bad that I was unable to stand up straight for long. I forgot to mention that ever since the pain started I've been feeling more tired than usual. So after the dinner, I went to sleep till 10pm++, and got out to the living room to watch tv. But I was unable to smile even for a little bit.


And then today the pain got me crying and crying. And today is the first day of the new lunar year. So my brother who broke his years of tradition of staying home all day on the first day of CNY took me out to search for any open clinic. Dr Alex we found, and the first thing I was asked to do when I got into the consultation room was to stand on the scale. Then the nurse read aloud my weight. And I cursed silently.


Sat down, and the moment I told doc my symptoms, he asked me if I swim. I said yes. And he said I've got swimmers' ears. I was like, "Eh? So I got this from the pool water which got into my ears?"


He was like, "Haiyah, you know swimming pool right, the water? So many people use… Of course la."


"Oh. I see."


"So next time, you go Guardian pharmacy and buy those earplugs before you go swimming."


"They're normal earplugs or for swimming one?"


"Of course for swimming one la. You need to put plugs before you go swimming one. Otherwise all the things then get inside."


"Oh, I never knew there are plugs for swimmers. I just thought those people just go swimming liddat."


"No la, you go to Guardian pharmacy, tell them you want plugs for swimming, they got special ones for swimming."




"So now, you go lie down there, I will wash your ear for you."


Lay down, and heard, "Tolong ambik itu air suam. Nak cuci telinga. [then to me] Later, if you feel pain, you raise your hand. [while holding my hand up to show me how.]"


Before he started, he said one thing that chilled my bones. "Once you get this, it's easy to get it again. So make sure you get earplugs."


Then the cleaning [more like washing actually] started, and the water was hot, and it was super ticklish, and I was fidgeting which could have been easily been mistaken for cringing in pain. But luckily the doc didn't stop la. I told him, water hot la. He then asked the nurse to add more water. Then he continued, even more ticklish this time since the lower water temperature made it more geli-ish. Then after three times rinsing, he pumped out the whatever-was-inside using an electrical pump. Lagi geli.


When he was done, I got up, and tried looking for my shoes. Boy, was I feeling dizzy or what! It wasn't sickening type of dizzy, but the type you get after spinning 45 times on the same spot. Finally managed to find my shoes, and got off the bed. Then I asked a couple more questions and got prepared to leave. Doc quickly stopped me. "Wait, wait, wait. I have to do one test first." He then took out a tuning fork, and twangggggg on the table. Then he put the fork against the back of my ear and asked if I hear anything.




"Ok I try again."


Twaaaangggg. The other ear. The infected one.




"Got." Very clearly.


Back to the left ear.


"Er… Got. A bit."


"Ok, your right ear still a bit lower ya. Now you go home, you take cotton wool and put inside your ear when you go bathe. We don't want any shampoo getting inside your ear ya. Do this for a week, and by the fourth day you should be ok."


"One more question. Is there any risk of this infection spreading to the brain?"


"Ok, this is ear. When we talk about teeth, mouth, ear, and even the nasal cavity, they're all so close to the brain, that's why we're hard on the antibiotics. Of course there's a chance it could get to the brain, but you're ok la. When are you going back to KL?"


"Sunday. 10th Feb."


"What time?"




"Morning ah. I'll be here at 11 o'clock la. So if anything you drop by before you go back ok?"


"You're doctor…?"


"Alex, Alex."


"Ok, thank you so much doctor."


Cost: RM65.


Considered cheaper than the previous clinic, seeing that my ear was cleaned and that assurance and more attention was paid to me this time. I felt safer this time. Screw the other amateur doctor.


Lesser pain, but still there. Hearing hasn't recovered yet, but I hope it will. I've got midsem coming up at the start of school. Sigh.


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