Tuesday, 12 February 2008

CNY adventures.

The second day of CNY.


Mum, bro and I went visiting some relatives. And while mum is hanging out with some of the relatives who live near our house, bro and I planned to go watch Cloverfield. But wtf, there's no place that's showing this movie anymore.


We went to Leisure Mall, no show. Went to Tebrau City, tmd got a fecking nasty shock at the volume of people who came out to watch movie on CNY, and are so bloody willing to queue long long to watch. Tmd.


The movie is out the window, so we had time to chill before joining the other relatives again. We grabbed our fraps from Starbuck's, and headed to Taman Daya, our eldest uncle's house.


While my brother pulled in somewhere near the house, we saw a relative who was once hostile to us and one of her sisters many years ago [more specifically, she's an aunt who fits a murderer's profile] and we fled. Unfortunately, we weren't able to warn our mum in time to get out and had to leave her with other relatives who don't have a feud with her to take care of my mum. But according to my mum she actually was friendly, and they took a picture together. Even so, I would never wanna go near her. You'd never know if she hides a parang in her purse.


So then, we went makan angin, didn't know what to do… and shortly after, we got news that the crew my mum was with left uncle's house, and later on, the potential murderer left too. Another incident happened [not providing details on this one], but we finally went to uncle's house. Cousin brother [tang-ge named 华/Hua] was there, but his wife were visiting niang jia, so it was uncle and his wife, cousin and us siblings. Ate our favourite nasi briyani by aunt, and talked a while… Discussed what to do for the rest of the day, had a rough plan, and went on with it.


Visiting some 山庄 – No way. Checked the place out at 6.30pm while cousin went to fetch his wife [Stella], the place closes at 7pm.


Swimming – Since the previous plan is out, and Hua's family is taking some time, we fetched our mum home, and got our swimming gears. Swam with waterproof wax earplugs [which cost a fortune – RM13.70 for 2 pairs], had great time, took some pics, and headed to makan at around 10pm ish.


While makan Hua's friend , Alvin joined us, and the men made plans for the rest of the evening. Karaoke.


Karaoke was ok ok la. It was a 天上人间 KTV, and the song choice for English songs has not been updated since since the 90's I guess. Forgot to mention, excluding Hua and Stella's 2 kids, and having another 4 of Hua's friends joining us, there were 9 adults. And 2 mics. All the songs I chose that were on the list were jumped to the back. And bro and I left at 2am, so I didn't get to sing much, while having sat through a session of painfully sang Fish Leong, Nicholas Teo and Jolin Tsai's songs. This is a big TMD for me. I looked as though I enjoyed their singing, but inside I was cursing them for pushing my songs to the back. Next time I'm going to K, it'll be Red/GreenBox or nothing. Grrr… I ain't going to those Cheena joints anymore.


One thing people need to start learning about me. When it comes to karaoke, I don't care who you are, you don't mess with me. I am not courteous with the mic and the remote. And that's the bottom line. Savvy?




It's the third day of CNY, which is also the eve of my return to KL. It's been a not-so-cheerful-or-rowdy CNY, cos

  1. I am sick
  2. The "adventurous" visit from this long-time-no-see murderous aunt
  3. I didn't get to see my other cousins due to reason #2
  4. The angpaus just get lesser each year
  5. The bak kua is too little
  6. I am too sleepy all the time due to reason #1
  7. There's no Cloverfield [GRRR!!!]


But the good things were

  1. I got to see my family
  2. I got my new clothes
  3. I got to taste my mum's cooking again
  4. I get to use seated toilet bowl
  5. I get to watch a little bit of Singaporean TV
  6. I get to eat all the pork I want
  7. I get to sleep all I want



Allison said...

hey hows ur ear? getting better?

市井行人 said...

long story

get well soon

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